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The South Shore Workforce Investment Board is a non-profit corporation that is federally mandated to work with major corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, community-based organizations and labor organizations to provide workforce development leadership throughout the region. The South Shore WIB links adults and youth in the South Shore region with career opportunities in emerging and critical industries. We are dedicated to creating a community driven economy.

The South Shore WIB works to ensure that the region’s employment needs are met by a vibrant, educated, trained, skilled and resourceful workforce.

A thriving region with economic opportunity for all.


  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) – Employers can receive a Federal Tax Credit of up to $9,600 for each new hire that meets specified criteria. View complete details here.

  • Summer Jobs for Youth – More than 100 youth that meet specific educational and income criteria will be going to work this summer in a wide variety of jobs throughout the region. As well as gain hands-on work experience, youth will learn how to apply for a job, what is required for success on the job and what skills will help them get and keep their next job.


Workforce Training Fund Program:
The Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) provides Massachusetts businesses with the resources needed to invest in workforce development, improve employee skills, and maintain the economic strength and viability of the Commonwealth's businesses.

Training grants of up to $250,000 are available for: ESOL, Lean/Continuous Process Improvement, Six-Sigma, Adult Basic Education, Software and IT Skills, Project Management, Sales, CNC, Customer Service, Leadership and Management Skills, ISO, and many more.

There are 4 different grant programs: DOWNLOAD WTFP GRANT MENU (PDF)
General Program
Express Program
Regional Training Capacity
 Pilot Program

Technical Assistance Grants

Workplace Safety Training Grant: The Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) awards up to $25,000.00 to various organizations to fund workplace safety training. Eligible employers within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts covered by the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Law (MGL CH. 152) may qualify for funding. Learn more here. VIEW SITE

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): Employers can receive a Federal Tax Credit of up to $9,600 for each new hire that meets specified criteria. View complete details here.VIEW SITE

Training Opportunities for Adults: The South Shore region brings opportunities to adults seeking to upgrade their education and improve their marketable skills.



Career Centers:
Plymouth Career Center
Quincy Career Center

The South Shore Workforce Investment Board is located at:
15 Cottage Avenue, Ste. 302
Quincy, MA 02169
Tel: 617-328-7001
Fax: 617-328-7381