Engagement & Sponsorship

Community and Corporate Services

The South Shore Workforce Development Board (SSWDB) supports the region through a variety of strategic partnerships among public officials, community leaders, business organizations and economic development and planning agencies.  These partnerships help to build and sustain a holistic approach to the delivery of services and resources.


Engagement Benefits

  • Access to Labor Market Information to help communities, businesses and agencies plan and prepare growth and development strategies.
  • Conduit to state and federal grants designed to help job seekers and businesses.
  • Advocacy for workforce funding at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Partnering with education organizations to ensure curriculum aligns with business needs and demands.
  • Participation in regional and state-wide workforce development meetings and events to shape policy initiatives.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Through the SSWDB 501(c)(3) Charitable arm, (South Shore Workforce Development Board, Inc.) the organization generates additional revenues through tax-deductible donations, programs, events and grants in support of the mission of the organization and the South Shore Career Centers. The SSWDB, Inc. utilizes these additional resources to strengthen and expand the programming and services that connect businesses, educational institutions, community organizations and public agencies in support of market driven workforce development goals and objectives.

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SSWDB, Inc 501(c)(3) Bylaws

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