Why Hire Youth?

For teens, early work experiences play a significant role in their transition to adulthood, by building their sense of self-esteem and independence; allowing them to contribute to their household income and introducing them to both experiences and role models that may shape the way they think about their futures.

By introducing young people to a profession, employers can begin the process of educating the next wave of workers in their industry. The result can be a workplace with increased morale and a greater diversity of skills, perspectives and backgrounds.

Here is a brief video from the Career Point program in Holyoke that depicts the benefits of hiring youth:

Ways You Can Get Involved

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Guest Speaker

Provide a short presentation to a classroom or student group.

Time Commitment: Less than an hour

Mock Interview
Job Shadow
Company Tour
Career Fair
Job Fair
Sponsor a Summer Job
Host an Intern

Interested in sponsoring a work experience for a young person?

Please contact

Lynne Courtney- Director of Youth Services

15 Cottage Avenue Suite 302
Quincy, MA 02169
(617) 934-4854